As an artist growing up in the South, I’ve wanted to incorporate wildlife in my art for quite some time. After many years of pondering the application of this concept and knowing I needed a unique way of introducing wildlife into my work, with the light box I believe I’ve found it. This has truly been a labor of love and one of the most challenging series I’ve ever created. Printing on both sides of five large pieces of plexiglass and spacing them apart to ensure a 3D affect, you've never seen a light box done quite like this. The printer, the light company and the box builder all had reasons why my idea wouldn't work, continuously making suggestions that would simplify the process. However I knew it would compromise my vision and the final look of the work. I stuck to my guns and was rewarded with a new series and endless beautiful possibilities. It’s a big departure for me, my goal is to resonate with the viewer as both comfortingly pastoral and technologically complex.


Please inquire for interest in available pieces and/or commissioned projects at hello@smgcollective.com.